Tuesday, 22 January 2008


It takes a while to recover from Christmas and the New Year follow up. At least it seems to for us, we got the UK and Europe version of The Lost World of Mr Hardy DVD out before Christmas but only by the skin of our teeth. I think you could have measured the countdown to crimbles in hours and seconds. But it was with some relief we headed over to Heike's folks in Germany for Christmas and a break.

Having said that how nice to have our Christmas interrupted, I mean it! People were calling up on the mobile to say how much they liked the film. I was so happy at that I almost forgot I was paying the foreign cost of being called up on the mobile. One call on Christmas day, saying thank you for saving a special piece of history and making my Christmas. "It bought a lump to me throat" said another caller. I have to say that by then I was quite moved myself. We have been getting some really nice emails back so will try and include some of those on the website soon.

Meanwhile the NTSC copy of the DVD for North America and Japan drags on, and on and on. Our apologies for that, we are doing our best but it is out of our control. We have been promised a test copy of the NTSC version for tomorrow so fingers crossed.