Monday, 28 September 2009

Do you really want Digital?

It's all change at Trufflepig Towers as we try and lurch The Lost World of Mr Hardy into the next stage of the digital age without too much of a groan. Digital filmmaking freed up filmmakers like us to make the films we always wanted without the need to bludgeon a broadcaster into the act. Now it's the turn of the audience with the chance to watch by digital delivery. Thing is, I'm not sure the audience really want it, not yet anyway.

What it means is watching the film from a digital file, either rental or to own. So no DVD in a box, nothing to handle but then nothing to drop and scratch or ruin with jam stains. Instead just another file on your computer. But do you want it? So far it seems most people do not. Tons more people buy the actual DVD from our site than the 'digital download' version - despite the download being half the price.

And now.... just to aggravate things we are introducing a digital rental. You can download the film for $4.95 and have an incredible 30 days to watch it before the file self destructs. If you would like to give it a go, it's up at indieflix, and open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

We are really unsure of the uptake on this. The great thing about this digital thing is nobody anywhere knows how things will go. It might open up our film to a huge new audience who previously found the cost of the DVD off putting. But then again maybe those who would have bought the DVD will now just rent it and we will have no money to buy our Christmas presents this year. The good thing is customers vote with their feet so we will know sooner or later. 

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