Thursday 29 October 2009

UK national screenings

The regional and rural cinemas of the UK have really taken to the film so we are delighted to announce a bunch of screenings. I am going to introduce as many of them as I can. Dates still to come are:

Nov 28th - Ludlow Shropshire - Assembly Rooms, 8pm - SOLD OUT

Dec 3rd - Hailsham East Sussex, Hailsham Pavilion - (film followed by filmmaker Q&A) - 7.45pm

Jan 19th - Street Strode Theatre - (film followed by filmmaker Q&A) - 8pm

Jan 26th - Newcastle Tyneside Cinema - (film followed by filmmaker Q&A)

Jan 27th - Alnwick Northumberland, Alnwick Playhouse - (film followed by filmmaker Q&A) - 7.30pm

Jan 28th - Berwick Upon Tweed Northumberland, The Maltings - (film followed by filmmaker Q&A) - 7.30pm

Jan 31st - Norwich Cinema City - (film followed by filmmaker Q&A) tbc

We are awaiting final confirmation for screenings in, Strode (Somerset), Saffron Walden (Essex), and Totnes (Devon)

Monday 28 September 2009

Do you really want Digital?

It's all change at Trufflepig Towers as we try and lurch The Lost World of Mr Hardy into the next stage of the digital age without too much of a groan. Digital filmmaking freed up filmmakers like us to make the films we always wanted without the need to bludgeon a broadcaster into the act. Now it's the turn of the audience with the chance to watch by digital delivery. Thing is, I'm not sure the audience really want it, not yet anyway.

What it means is watching the film from a digital file, either rental or to own. So no DVD in a box, nothing to handle but then nothing to drop and scratch or ruin with jam stains. Instead just another file on your computer. But do you want it? So far it seems most people do not. Tons more people buy the actual DVD from our site than the 'digital download' version - despite the download being half the price.

And now.... just to aggravate things we are introducing a digital rental. You can download the film for $4.95 and have an incredible 30 days to watch it before the file self destructs. If you would like to give it a go, it's up at indieflix, and open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

We are really unsure of the uptake on this. The great thing about this digital thing is nobody anywhere knows how things will go. It might open up our film to a huge new audience who previously found the cost of the DVD off putting. But then again maybe those who would have bought the DVD will now just rent it and we will have no money to buy our Christmas presents this year. The good thing is customers vote with their feet so we will know sooner or later. 

Friday 12 June 2009

That's what I'm talkin' about!

The screenings are now done and dusted. Great fun they were too, and many thanks to all who turned up. Almost everyone stayed for the Q&A at the end which was great. Those can be a bit like the stampede for the doors when back in the old days they played the national anthem in cinemas. The Uckfield screening had a very mixed audience too, which always helps remind us that this isn't just a film for anglers but for anybody with an interest in our own modern history or a desire to see films just a little different from the pack. Really nice.

So seeing as our mums and dads like the film too, I guess that counts as a pretty well universal success!

We will be doing another bunch of screenings later in the year, so if you're interested don't forget to add your town to the 'request a screening feature on the website.

Tuesday 28 April 2009

Screening dates so far

Cinema showings so far are:

- Lonsdale Alhambra Cinema, Cumbria - Sunday 17th May (8pm) - as part of the Cumbria Fishing Festival.

- The Moray Film Festival, The Gallery, Elgin Library, Elgin, Scotland - Saturday 30th May 11.00 am

- The Picture House Cinema, East Sussex - Sunday 31st May 6pm

Seats for Penrith cinema are bookable from Monday 11th May at the cinema on 01768 862400.

Seats for Uckfield are bookable on 01825 764909 or online at -

The Film Poster

Not so fast shorty... Mr Hardy has come to town


The idea was to put this blog to bed and concentrate on the next film, but luckily things don't always turn out to plan. It seems we have a mini-cine tour on the go. A couple of weeks back I heard about the fishing festival happening in Cumbria in May and thought that might be an interesting opportunity to show our film in a cinema there. Unsure of the technical requirements I called up our local cinema in Uckfield and asked advice from the owner. Not only was Kevin supremely helpful, he even asked the magic question "why not show the film here too?". So up in Cumbria the Alhambra Lonsdale in Penrith agreed to show the film in May as did the Moray Film Festival, and suddenly we had a mini tour.

That's great...but lots of work. Hopefully we can get some publicity out there, fill up some seats and some of you reading this may even come along to one of the gigs. We are going to try and be there if we can, so best hone your bun throwing skills now.

If these showings go well we will soon add more dates as it would be great to make a feature of taking Mr Hardy out on the road.

Sunday 14 December 2008

One blog ends another begins...

Welcome to The Lost World of Mr Hardy blog. We're involved in a new project so this blog is now complete. Everything is still here though. To read the story of how and why we made the film its best to go to the archive box on the right and read the earliest entries first - otherwise you'll be reading the story back to front!

We've also started a new blog for "The Moo man", our new film, to give it some space of it's own. We want to follow up some of the raw milk and farming issues as well as the whole slow food / local food thing which seems to be surfacing in the making of that film. Read more about this and life on a small farm over on the moo man.