Tuesday, 30 September 2008

coming to a shop near you...

We've been trying to sell our film as an online thing. Generally this is great, as it gives us a direct contact with customers, many of whom call up and chat about rods, reels, fishing and stuff. But we are realising that the internet is not for everyone, and as word about the film has spread, a few distributors have been getting in touch, asking if they can stock the film in shops for us. Well why not we thought. So, for customers in Germany and in the United States can now find the film in your local fishing store too. If you have any problems finding a copy, tell your store they can order the film from either Etheon in Germany or Angler's Book Supply in the States. They'll know who we're talking about as both are very respected names in their fields.

Meanwhile I'm hoping the weather calms down a bit, as every year I hear that the really big bass swim up our local estuary around about now and my fly rod is itching to let them feel its curves.