Saturday, 29 November 2008

Coming soon to a screen near you?

Copies of Mr Hardy are shifting fast just now, hurray for Christmas  (I never thought a humbug like me would ever say that). The new 'book a screening' option on the website is generating quite some interest too, predominantly in the North East of England. No great surprise I guess as the film will be playing on home-ground up there. 

What has surprised me though is when I've called a few cinemas up and told them about the film, and tried the 'stalking horse' approach. I was ready for the brush-off and it was great to get a positive and interested response. Okay, so I was quite careful in picking the more rural cinemas, ones with a higher potential fisher density and in staying away from the cinema chains. I think the small cinemas really got the idea, they liked the idea of a quirky little film that works on a people level and perhaps says something a little different from the average film. So here's hoping to taking the film out on the road in the New Year.

However if you'd like the DVD for Christmas, don't forget to drop a heavy hint or two and steer your beloved in the direction of our website (or even Amazon I guess).