Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I've been having a chance to visit the real world recently. It's not as bad as I thought. We'd spent a year and a half trapped in the office and held prisoner by a film, or rather the editing of it. It might sound odd but since my release people ask me what the film is about and it is quite hard to define in a sentence or two. That's because while editing there's been an infinite number of stories and possibilities in our heads and the challenge of editing is to organise and select from all this. So what has been interesting is to go out and meet civilians, people who have no feeling for fishing, or collecting or Hardy's whatsoever and tell them what we're doing. Will their eyes glaze over, the drink slip out of their hand and roll across the carpet? You learn a lot from peoples responses, (even if they are British) no drink was spilled either. People and I mean ordinary people here, really latch onto that idea of craftsmanship. Their is a real sense of importance and an awakening that human craft is something that has to be valued. People want to talk about it. It's odd as I'm not sure that this feeling was around to the same extent even three or four years ago. Will the world suddenly beat a path to Callum Gladstone's workshop (Hardy's cane rod maker), or perhaps demand only a Chris Lythe reel? I'm pretty confident quite a few will.

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